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Cover Art: VVCL-1265~6
CheerS / ClariS [Limited Edition]

"CheerS" is the track title used as the ending theme of 2018 TV Anime: "Hataraku Saibou (ใฏใŸใ‚‰ใ็ดฐ่ƒž, Cells At Work)". The song's performed by ClariS.
"Hataraku Saibou" Ending Theme: 
"CheerS" by ClariS
Composer megane
Arranger kegani
Lyricist Kei Hayashi

Disc 1 of 2
01. CheerS
02. Negai
03. Wake Up -season 02-
04. CheerS -TV MIX-

Release Date Aug 15, 2018
Lyrics ๆญŒ่ฉž (Romaji):

๐ŸŽถ CheerS ๐ŸŽถ

kimi rashii peesu de saa arukou yo

atsui hi no shita ase wo kaitara
tsumetai mizu wo todokeru yo
samusa ni furuete kaze wo hiitara
genki no mahou wo tonaeru yo

hitori hitori ga chigau katachi de
onaji hi wo ikiteru

Happy Good Day kimi ni mukatte eeru
manten janakutemo It’s OK, All OK dakara
Happy Good Day oukina koe de furee
sukoshi korondemo All OK waratte jaa ne, mata ashita

kinou ga kureta ima wo mirai e
kimi rashii peesu de todokete yo

naze ka nemurenai makkura na yoru wa
hoshi ga kirei ni mieru deshou
tsuki ga terasu sora tonari ni suwatte
kimi no hanashi wo kikasete yo

daremo karemo ga chigau kokoro wo
kasaneatte ikiteru

Happy Good Day yoru no mukou ni eeru
ima wa kurakutemo It's OK, All OK itsuka
Happy Good Day hikari sasu hou ni furee
tatoe ame demo All OK waratte niji ga kakaru ashita

mada tsubomi no mama no mirai wo
kimi rashii peesu de sakaseyou yo

Happy Good Day kimi ga kureru eeru
itsumo hibiiteru It's OK, All OK dakara
Happy Good Day kotoba ijou na furee
me ni mienakutemo It's OK, All OK!

Happy Good Day kimi ni mukatte eeru
kanadeau eien It's OK, All OK hora ne
Happy Good Day oukina koe de furee
nando korondemo All OK waratte jaa ne, mata ashita

mata daremo shiranai mirai e
kimi rashii peesu de fumidasou yo


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