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Cover Art: ANTCD-32669 (Digital Release)
against all gods / m-flo

"against (the) all gods" is the track title used as the 8th ending theme of 2017 TV Anime: "Black Clover (ใƒ–ใƒฉใƒƒใ‚ฏใ‚ฏใƒญใƒผใƒใƒผ)". The song's performed by m-flo, started from episode 90. Somehow, the track title changed to "against all gods" as the single released (see pics above).

"Black Clover" 
Ending Theme #8: 
"against all gods" by m-flo
Composer m-flo
Arranger m-flo
Lyricist ☆Taku Takahashi

against all gods / m-flo
01. against all gods
02. against all gods (Instrumental)
03. against all gods (Acappella)

Publisher rhythm zone
Release Date Jul 31, 2019
Lyrics ๆญŒ่ฉž (Romaji):

๐ŸŽถ against the gods ๐ŸŽถ

bukiyou na ikizama de shika arenakute
kasaneta shouri wo kotae ni shite kita
taisetsu na nanika ni fukanshou ni natte
okubyou na jibun wo kakushiteita

doushitemo mizukara wo
miushinatte, kirai ni natte
makesou ni nattara
just cry out loud…

kizutsuku hodo ni, kizutsuku hodo ni
tachimukau yuuki e to michibiiteku our treasure
uragiranai no wa, saigo ni there is love
kazashita chikai hikari ga nigiru treasure

I don’t need nobody
I don’t need no maryoku wa iranai
jiriki de idonde mirakuru okiru koto negai
biryokunagara ichimirizutsu biribiri
kirikondeku, karyoku wo mashiteku
soshite sekai makikondeku
My disability is my ability
gyaku ni sore ga ore no enajii

I want to believe…
tatoe nani ga atta to shitemo
Against all odds (“odds”)
Even make believe…
shinjiru koto ga dekinakunattemo
And against all gods (“gods”)
tanonda wake demo nai no ni tanjou
shite kita kono WORLD
hito ni mukete wa ikenai kono kanjou

dareka ukete kudasai
This is my life
This is my ways
kaeta to shitemo sore wa riaru na jibun janai
But I see the light

What happened to friendship?
Why forget what love feels
tsuyoku aru koto ni subete sasageta
I’m needing the voices
kikitai voices
onegai, ai no imi wo oshiete

sasaru you ni, tsukisasaru you ni
ai no chikara wo kanjitete forever
misutenai no wa in love there is no doubt
mabushiku terashidasu believe in our treasure

doushitemo mizukara wo
miushinatte, kirai ni natte
makesou ni nattara
cry out loud reach out for “Timeless”



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*The TV Size title haven't changed! -- against the gods.

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