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"Plunderer" Opening Theme: "Plunderer" by Miku Ito

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Cover Art (COCC-17734):
Plunderer / Miku Ito
Plunderer / ไผŠ่—ค็พŽๆฅ

"Plunderer" is the track title used as the opening theme of 2020 TV Anime: "Plunderer (ใƒ—ใƒฉใƒณใƒ€ใƒฉ)". The song's performed by Miku Ito (ไผŠ่—ค็พŽๆฅ).

Opening Theme:
"Plunderer" by Miku Ito
Miku Ito
Composer Takuya Ohata
Arranger Yuki Kishida
Lyricist Eiko Kyo

Plunderer / Miku Ito
[Regular Edition]
01. Plunderer
02. hello new pink
03. Plunderer (off vocal ver.)
04. hello new pink (off vocal ver.) 

Release Date Feb 12, 2020
Lyrics ๆญŒ่ฉž (Romaji):

๐ŸŽถ Plunderer ๐ŸŽถ

omotai ashi hikizuri aruite
sagasu kibou megesou demo saisho no ippo fumidasou
wakete kurenai itami
chigiresou ni naru kokoro
dareka wo motomeru nara
koko ni watashi iru kara

hitorihitori chigatta hoshi ga aru kara
minna to issho nara donna yume mo kanau ki ga suru
Forever plunderer
tsuite iku doshaburi no ame
kanashimi oshiyosete tsunaida te wo nigiru
mirai wo koeru tsuyosa ga arashi ni makenu you ni

betsubetsu ni kazoeta michi tsunagiawaseyou

meguriai wo kasanete
tabi no owari wo mezashite
aitai no ni aenai egao wa doko ni aru no
uso de gomakasu kimochi wakaritakunai
mou kakugo wo kimeta un wo ten makase ni wa shinai yo

Forever plunderer
anata nara tooi kako sae
ubatte kakikaete shinjitsu wa yasashii
dare ni mo hakai dekinai kagayaku tetsu no yuuki
hitori janai watashitachi kizuna ga aru kara

toki wo nagaresaru kaze sora tobu hikari
minna to issho nara namida datte hareru ki ga suru

Forever plunderer
tsuite iku miushinattemo
kurushimi fukiareru tamashii mamoritai
mirai wo koeru tsuyosa ga arashi ni makenu you ni
kasaneyou yo betsubetsu ni kazoeta kinou haruka na michi

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