Beginners Guide (for New Visitors)


About Hidden Google Drive Links:

1. I'm using it on every post of the site, including Fall 2017 Anisongs.
2. I'm hiding the links to avoid DMCA takedown (Hope this will works forever).
3. The link's hiding on these pictures, means you should click on it to go to the links:
(1) Cover Art: Google Drive Folder of the single/album of the posted track on the page!
(2) Captured OP/ED Credits of the Anime: Google Drive Folder of TV Size music collection, grouped by season.
(3) Captured artist name and/or track title and/or random pic of Music Video of the posted track on the page!: Google Drive Folder of MVRip music collection of the site.
4. There are some posts labelled "Experimental Post" featuring hidden link on a small Google Drive icon on Download Links section. If it works fine, i would be ended up using this method instead.

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About Protected Pages:

 1. Why i created the protected pages? It's basically for protecting my page from DMCA takedown.
2. What is the password? There's a note on every page of this site that should tell you where to get it!
3. What's inside? A Protected Page on this site will always be containing One-Click Google Drive Direct Download Link. But there's also a few page with special features such as LISTEN ONLINE and Google Drive Folder attached.


That's all for now .. I'll add more notes later ...

-Silent Otaku-